Training & Placement Session

Topic: Software Testing
Date: 18th of February 2020 

Speaker: Pradeep and Binny


  • One day Assessment drive conducted by Q Spiders.
  • Assessmentwas based on Group discussion round .
  • Thenumber of students participated in the drive were 25.

ECE & EEE Seminar 1

Topic: Industrial Robotics and Automation
Date: 7th of September 2019
Guest Speaker: LINGA GOPI,  Application Engineer (Axis)

As an Application engineer of AGA, Mr. LINGA GOPI is responsible for handling
Industrial projects and working over several Research and development projects, Being
in technical, he is also responsible Industrial panel design & amp; project execution. He is
also working in several center of excellence in various universities.


  • The Seminar was focused about Robotics and introductions to Drives.
  • Insight on Industrial automation.
  • Scope of Robotics in Industries.

ECE & EEE Seminar 2

Topic: Current trends in Technology
Date: 10th October 2019
Guest Lecture: Prof. Mahendra (Ass Prof Cambridge Institute of Technology)


  • Future Technology
  • Implementation of current affairs in Industry
  • Basics of Engineering Department and trends adopted.
  • Relation between different department in Engineering

Mechanical Seminar 1

Topic: Catia and Fabrication
Date: 16th of October 2019
Guest Speaker: Mr. Vijaya Vithal Illal, Corporate Business Manager.

He is having around 5 years of experience with soft skills training. He has worked in corporate domain as motivational speaker, technical topic presenter and has provided training for academicians and students. Presently working in BQ Digital Learning as a learning content which lead to learning and development team.

  • The Seminar was focused about Catia and Fabrication
  • Understanding the industry requirements
  • Opportunities in the field of real design

Mechanical Seminar 2

Topic: CADD and other available Softwares required for Industries
Date: 25th of October 2019
Guest Speakers: Mr. Gopal (Entrepreneur), Mr. Gopalappa (Entrepreneur), Mr. Sameer Revit (Structure Expert), Mr. Sumanth (Design Engineer)

Mr. Gopal an Entrepreneur (Cantercadd and other mechanical firms) having 30+ years of experience in mechanical distribution industry and supply chain management
Mr. Gopalappa an Entrepreneur having 40+ years of experience in mechanical domain and also worked as a designer.
Mr. Sameer is a Autodesk certified Revit Structure Expert
Mr. Sumanth having 10 years of experience in design domain of Mechanical industry.

  • The Seminar was focused about Cadd and softwares available based on industry requirement for mechanical and civil engineering.
  • Students were able to understand the actual concepts required for the softwares
  • Opportunities after completion of the software courses.

Mechanical Seminar 3

Topic: Research and Innovation
Date: 07th of November 2019
Guest Speaker: Mr. Shivachalappa Gavandi

Mr. Shivachalappa Gavandi working as Assistant Professor in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology


  • The Seminar was focused about Research and Innovation.
  • Types of Research
  • Need for Research
  • Requirements for research
  • Innovation in industries
  • Role of Engineering in Research and Innovation
  • Students oath to do research and Innovation

Mechanical Seminar 4

Topic: Student awareness session on current market trends
Date: 11th of November 2019 
Guest Speaker: Mr Sachin Mudhol and Mr. Ravishankar SN
Mr Sachin Mudhol (Director / Training Optimism IT solutions Pvt Ltd)
Mr Ravishankar (CEO / Chairman and Managing Director Optimism IT solutions Pvt Ltd)
  • The Seminar was focused about the awareness on current market trends.
  • Students realised where actually they lack and what are they suppose to be trained.
  • How to get trained according to the company requirement.
  • What are the aspects that students  has to concentrate and brush up on?

Computer Science Seminar 1

Topic: Image Retrieval Techniques in Data Mining
Date: 11th of November 2019
Guest Speaker: Mr. Venketaravana N

Mr. Venketaravana N is a Research Scholar in University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore


  • The Seminar was focused about  Image Retrieval Techniques in Data Mining.
  • Data mining basic concepts
  • Image classification
  • Algorithms for Image mining
  • Types of Image mining

Computer Science Seminar 2

Topic: Build User Interfaces across Web Platforms using Swift UI
Date: 23rd of November 2019
Guest Speaker: Mr. Balaji T

Mr. Balaji is a Solution Architect in Brilyant IT Solutions, Bangalore


  • The Seminar was focused on binary platform creation for Web apps.
  • Development of Swift by Apple Inc.
  • IoS, macOS, iPadOS study
  • Use of Binary platforms
  • Career opportunities in Apple app Development sector.

Computer Science Seminar 3

Topic: An exposure on IoT, Machine Learning and IT Industry
Date: 29th of November 2019
Guest Speakers: Mr. Varun Varma and Mr. Vachas Krishnan

Both are Software vendors from Cranes Varsity, A unit of CSIL, Bangalore


  • The Seminar was focused on emerging trends in IT Industry
  • Importance of C programming
  • Educational services and Corporate training at Cranes
  • Introduction to IoT, Big data Analytics, Web Technology and DSP and VLSI
  • Final year Internship

Civil Seminar

Topic: Evolving perspectives in building materials and Structures
Date: 26th September 2019
Speaker: Mohan K  T
Assistant professor in Sri Krishna Institute of technology and CEO of reliable consultant and construction
  • Discussion on replacement of cement in different types of construction materials in industry.
  • Principals of planning.
  • Architecture Vastu.